e-Motion's product line is focused on connecting to OBD2 vehicles to read data, operate gauges, and reprogram

nDash nDash Dashboard Computer
nDash is a Linux-based OBD2 dashboard system. It connects to your car's diagnostic port and easily allows you to read and display data on skinnable digital gauges. It supports over 1000 different paramaters including scantool data for Ford and GM vehicles. It also allows users to install and adjust performance, towing, economy, or custom tunes.
nGauge Analog nGauge Analog
A direct replacement for analog gauges. It fits in the existing round gauge hole and wires directly to analog sensors. It features a full color touch-screen, user customizable gauge designs, programmable LED warnings, a light sensor to adjust brightness, logging to MicroSD card, and USB connection to a PC.
nGauge OBD2 nGauge OBD2
Plugs directly into the vehicle's OBD2 port and displays hundreds of paramaters on digital gauges. Installs in seconds and offers the most comprehensive data list of any OBD2 gauge. Automatically sleeps when the vehicle is shut down and wakes up when the motor is started.
nGauge Tuner nGauge Tuner
Includes all of the features in nGauge OBD2 plus comprehensive tuning. Easily installs new tune files for power, fuel economy, towing, and custom tuning. Tap the touch-screen to adjust values in the tunes. Save dozens of tune files on your MicroSD card.
Canalog 3G Canalog 3G Gauge Pod
This is a low cost product designed to simplify mechanical gauge installation. Canalog-3G plugs into the OBD2 port on any 1996-up vehice and will operate up to three mechanical gauges. You can cut hours of installation time off a gauge install on newer vehicles.
Canalog MS Canalog MotorSwap
Canalog-MS is designed for customers swapping modern EFI motors into their hotrods. Canalog-MS plugs into the new motor's EFI computer thru the OBD2 port. It has 8 configurable outputs to operate mechanical gauges or the factory dash. Canalog-MS even has an output so you can install a check engine light on your hotrod.


For more information, email sales@e-motionproducts.com Patents pending for nGauge, nDash, and Canalog.