nGauge Firmware Version History

Firmware 326 ============ - Fixed bug in FW 321-325 where Tuning/Load Stock failed with "Decode Failed" - Tuning/Read Vehicle Selection tweaks Firmware 325 ============ - New Tuning/Read Vehicle Selection interface to allow drill-down by year or PCM type. Added more models/years plus cleanup. Firmware 321 ============= - [D3P] Toyota New Gen Type 2, 1536K and 2048K Firmware 315 ============ - [Diagnostic Functions] Added Copperhead A support for V6 Mustangs. - [DTCS] On 2008+ Ford vehicles, check and clear TCM codes specifically (if TCM is detected) - [MODULE CONFIG] Added FOB alarm mode (press once/press twice). (2X or 1X) - 2020 GT500 PCM + TCM Rough Support. No TCM Flashing yet. - [GM PIDS] Added GDIP (fuel pressure reading, high pressure side) with 1:1 kpa scaling. Firmware 314 ============ - [MODULE SCAN] Added blocks for 2018 F150 (TC298) - [FORD_GAS_2008_UP PIDS] - Changed SLIP_DES_SCP and shift soleniod pressure control PIDs to have the ability to query TCM Firmware 311 ============ - [Diagnostic Functions] Added Trans Relearn for all Ford GGDS (2008+ Ford) - PID Improvements Firmware 309 ============ - [Diagnostic Functions] Added support for PCM Trans Relearn on 2018+ TC298 PCM. - Tuning/Vehicle Info VIN fix - [OBD PIDS] Fixed occasional slowdown on some Generic OBD vehicles - [PIDS] Lots of PID improvements Firmware 306 ============ - New Diagnostic/Functions system that includes the existing Crank Relearn but added PCM/TCM KAM Resets for some models. Firmware 303 ============ - Toyota improvements (Tuning/Vehicle info fixed, corrected flash estimates). - [GM_ALL] Renamed an AD Oil Pressure PID. Firmware 302 ============ - Added SID209B OEM-Only Support. - [DATALOGGER] Fixed bug present since v284. TPIDs for cars w/o TCM (e.g. TC-298) were missing. Removed duplicate PID/TPID entries. - [FORD_GAS_2008_UP] Added PCM based TFT PID 0x1E1C (was eliminated when it was changed to TPID). Also deleted duplicate entry. - [GM_ALL] Added E% units to a fuel composition PID. - [FORD_DIESEL_ALL] Added 6.4L TCM TFT PID. Firmware 301 ============ - Allow FICM reprogramming for all licenses. - AEM UEGO: * Now supports CAN IDs 7E3-7E7, PIDs 0x24-0x2B. * Added units in AFR for assumed Stoichs E0, E10, E85. * Lambda units now "Lambda", was "n/a". Firmware 300 ============ - Replaced BSOD - Toyota Improvements Firmware 299 ============ - Bug fix for "Wrong Stock File" error - Bug fix for AEM UEGO - Fixed a bug with Calibration Change and Must Load Stock after Download Failure - Bug fix infinite "waiting wheel" when tunes load to fail. - Removed a Diagnostics/Datalogging restriction - GAUGES: * Moved global unit choice to prompt on fresh scan (removed from Settings menu). Units will not revert to global setting if changed individually in gauge. * Colors now do not revert to defaults when changing units for a signal. * Number of decimals and unit choice now persists through "Scan and Keep" if changed previously. - Added support for HPT Tricore Control Pack licensing - Added broadcast CAN support for Diagnostics/Datalogging - FORD_GAS_2008_UP: * Added FLP and FLP_DSD (Low Side Fuel Pressure Actual and Desired, respectively), pertinent to TC-298 8M at least * Added PCM based OSS PID found on TC-298 8M and others * Corrected math on OAR and OAPCT. * Added TCM TFT PID for MY10-MY11 F150. * Removed duplicate TCM Slip PIDS. - FORD_DIESEL_ALL: Added V units for IAT_V, IAT2_V, AND ICP_V signals - PIDS: * Added AEM OBD WB 0x24 PIDs for addresses 07E3-07E6 in GM_ALL, OBD_ALL, FORD_GAS_2008_UP, FORD_GAS_PRE_2008 * Bug fix for TCM PIDs in KWP, GMCLASS2, SCP Firmware 290 ============ - Gauge fixes: * Non-OBD signals now have Round Gauge settings that persist through power up. * Current Gauges setup can be kept when scanning for new PIDs. * Menu now consists of “Connect”, “Scan and Keep”, “Scan and Clear”, and “Back to Menu”. * Various Round Gauge bugs addressed. * Enabling/Disabling ZT2 does not require rescan to reflect properly in Gauges. * Analog and ZT2 signal mapping changes now also available via ([Display>Units]) when tapped on in a gauge. * Analog and ZT2 signals in gauges can now have number of decimals changed. Firmware 289 ============ - Removed duplicate "Read Vehicle" for 2.3 2019 Ranger, and made it read uncompressed. - Ford SID208/209A Improvements Firmware 288 ============ - Added Ford SID208 Read/Write support (AU) - Added Ford TC298B Read/Write support (2019 2.3L Ranger) - FORD_DIESEL_ALL: Added PCM_AMPS PID and edited CET PID Standard units math for accuracy. Firmware 287 ============ - MODULE CONFIG: Require a PIN to turn off TPMS on Diesel vehicles - FORD_DIESEL_ALL: Added Ford Specific EGRTA PID for '17+ 6.7L. Edited CET (Engine Torque) PID math for accuracy. Corrected MAP PID which was mislabeled as Manifold Gauge Pressure (BOOST) - FORD_GAS_2008_UP: Edited TCM based OSS PID as its ID and math were wrong Firmware 286 ========================= - FORD: Fixed intermittent timing error with FICM programming Firmware 285 ========================= - Fixed Gauges & Diagnostics for CAN vehicles that don't support OBD Mode 1 00. - Updated Tuning/Read Vehicle to include 2019 Vehicles. - Added DPT EGT kit to available analog mappings. - FORD/GM:Added and fixed various Transmission PIDs - FORD: SID-212 flash support Firmware 282 ========================= - Module config: Added TPMS Tire Warning adjustment for most platforms, no Code required. - Module config: Made double-honk available without Code. - Module config: Added H567 6.7L settings. - Module config: Fixed Fuel Tank Size on 11/12 6.7L. - Added Ford MY16-MY18 H567 (F650/F750) 6.7L Support. Read+Write. - FORD_DIESEL_ALL PIDs: - Added ACT_ENG_MD "Active Engine Mode" - Added FRT "Fuel Rail Temperature" - Renamed BOOST PIDs so their names were not duplicates of each other - Modified VGTDC PID name to include "duty cycle" for better description - Fixed several temperature PIDs which had bad math. - First pass of TCM and OBD PIDs Firmware 278 ========================= - Disabled all CAN Bus Conflict detection - Added Calculated Engine Torque (CET), applicable for SID-209 - Fixed issues with '17+ 6.7L/3.0L diesel compressed/save stock - Increased the size of the Tuning/Status info pane to fit more text. - Corrected math for Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) - Fixed a bug in the gauges code with number editor and scaling. - Fixed bug from FW 272 "Other Inputs" crash - Fixed issue with occasional STOCK tune corruption on some units - Updated EGTB signal description to reflect compatibility with '17+ 6.7 (was 2013-2016, now 2013+). Firmware 274 ========================= - Fixed wrong color on text of LED Gauge signal. - Fixed bad touch calibration after waking to Gauges. Firmware 273 ========================= - Full 2018 F150 3.0L Diesel Support: Read/Write/Module Config - Added option to read "6.4L PCM Only" - Fixed LED Gauge "High Warning" to be associated with LED6 as opposed to LED2 - For the ZT2 150PSI sensor, remove the "InHG" in the units, since this sensor can't read below 0 psi. Firmware 271 ========================= - Fixed bug causing Module Config to erroneously give "Unsupported Platform" error. Firmware 268 ========================= - Added PIN 99 to facilitate user enable/disable of Bus Conflict mechanism. Firmware 266 ========================= - FORD GAS 2008 UP: Added several PIDs for F150 Ecoboost. - FORD GAS 2008 UP: Added OAR - Learned Relative Octane Adjustment. - FORD GAS 2008 UP: Added degrees Fahrenheit units to ECT as it was missing previously (had Celsius only). - Tune Browser: If no "Description" in tune, show the date exported instead. - Tuning/Status: Show last written tune. If tune doesn't have a Description, store filename instead. - FORD_DIESEL_ALL: Added more PIDs. - Added simple "Race Mode" for Data Logging... 3500 RPM starts logging. - Read Vehicle: Changed year range for TC-1797 4M F150 Ecoboost 3.5L. Was 2011- 2014, now 2011-2016. Firmware 263 ========================= - Fixed freeze when entering data-logging with key off. - Module Config: Don't allow editing if module data doesn't match expected - Added Firmware Version to "Tuning Status" screen - Improved PIN editor screen - GM: Added PIDs EGRCTS1 (EGR Cooler Temperature Sensor 1) and BFR1 - BFR8 (Balancing Fuel Flow Rate for Cylinders 1-8 each) at the request of Duramax owners. - ZT2: Added support for ECA-2 digital outputs for Ethanol% and Fuel Temp with PIDs ZEPCT and ZFUELTMP respectively. - Added "Bus Conflict" detection to Gauges, Datalogging, Read Vehicle, Write Vehicle. Firmware 262 ========================= - Added Vehicle Type for 17 F750 6.7L. - Module Config: Added 11-12 Tire Size/Axle Ratio Firmware 261 ========================= - Added Module Config: Tire Size/Axle Ratio, TPMS, Etc on supported platforms - Support 2018 TC-277 (Mustang 5.0/etc) Compressed tunes - Load Tune & Load Stock make bricked vehicle recovery smoother in most cases. Firmware 259 ========================= - Fixed bug with locking to 3.5L PCM vs PCM/TCM. Firmware 258 ========================= - Fixed bug with Ford EEC-V processors that don't support OBD Mode 1 (Australian EEC-V) Firmware 257 ========================= - GM Class 2 (J1850 VPW) uses Rapid Packets for datalogging Firmware 256 ========================= - Added ZLAMBDA to ZT2 signal list - Fixed GM Class 2 (J1850 VPW) that sometimes didn't connect - "Read Vehicle" list tweaks - Validate touch calibrations. - Ford 2008+ Signals: Added OIL_PRESS and MAF_PERIOD - Fixed Reset Settings on Lund Firmware - Don't show hidden files or files starting with . in the Tune and License browsers Firmware 255 ========================= - Added support for Ford TC-298 8M (2018 F150 + Mustang 5.0L, 2.7L, 3.3L TIVCT) - Added selection to Read Vehicle for 2018 F150 + Mustang 5.0L Firmware 254 ========================= - Added support for Ford TC-277D 4M TCM (2018 F150 3.5L 10-speed transmission) - Added selection to Read Vehicle for 2018 F150 Ecoboost 3.5L : Manual + Auto Firmware 253 ========================= - New algorithm for more accurate touches - Added selection to Read Vehicle for 2015 - 2017 F150 Ecoboost 2.7L : Manual + Auto - Added TFT_OBS for 7.3L - Fixed bad math on MAT 0x16E0, Intake Manifold Air Temperature. Affects 7.3 for sure, maybe other Ford diesels. Firmware 252 ========================= - Support for RevB LCDs (SN 27000 and up) - Added touch screen calibration: * Once on first time initialization * Manually by touching Main Menu for at least 5 seconds * Under Settings Menu - Added warning and confirmation prior to Crank Relearn - Support for 2017 Ford 6.7L Diesel PCM & TCM. Firmware 248 ========================= - Added support for 2015-2017 Ranger PX, 3.2L Duratorq-TDCi (200PS)- Puma - Added support for TC-1767 MED17.0 (write-only) - Added support for '17 Raptor and F150 PCM and TCM (TC-277) Read + Write support - Added 2017 6.7L PCM (TC-1793S/OEM Only) + TCM (TC-277) Reflash - Added Crank Relearn for Ford ISO14229 vehicles - FORD PIDS (2008+): Added PIDs based on requests: LCP_DSD, EQ_RAT2, WG_A_DC_MES, WG_B_DC_MES, TCBP, TCBP_DSD. - GM PIDS: Added SAE and GM specific PIDs for O2 sensors. Both SAE 4-bank and SAE 2-bank are included, - Added PIN to test LCD - Improved EECV/Blank VIN support: Fix Current tune + VIN Info Firmware 234 ========================= - Added Ford 2017 6.7L OEM Tune Flashing support - Added Ford TC-1791 3M (2016-2017 Australian 1.5L Focus Ecoboost) Tune Flashing support. - Added "Read Vehicle" option for 11-16 6.7L PCM. - Added drill-down Ford/GM/Gas/Diesel to Read Vehicle PCM type selection screen - Fixed bugs with Read Codes and Reflashing on EEC-V vehicles - Allow adjustment of number of decimals on gauges. - Fixed GM PIDS, like fuel level and boost - Fixed Issue on some GM vehicles where nGauge conflicted with secondary modules. - Improved Ford Diesel PID, notably the EGR/EGT pids - Added GM E38, E67, E92 support. Firmware 215 ========================= - Fixed some PIDs that would read erroneous values Firmware 214 ========================= - Added 6.4L PIDs, EGRT_A (Pre-Turbo EGT), and EGRT_B (Post-Cooler EGR) Firmware 213 ========================= - Added Adjustable Minimum, Maximum, and Scaling parameters for Big and Small Round Gauges - Improved filtering on Analog Inputs - PID: Added IAT2 to Pre 2007 - PID: Added more VCT PIDS, made sure both banks have all fields. - PID: Added AIR_LOAD Signal and TQ_CNTL (Torque Reduction Source) - PID: Fixed APP PID on 7.3L EEC-V - Support for Black Oak 1472K SCP processor. - Support for Black Oak 448K processor (2003-2005.5 6.0L) - Support for Green Oak 1728K processor - Fixed Green Oak 1536K issue. - Allow PCM-only flash when married to an PCM+TCM combination Firmware 195 ========================= - On startup look for FIRMWARE*.ng to prevent improperly named files from causing an issue for users. - Made Clear DTCS and Read DTCS use Ford specific routines - Added the ability to load a custom splash screen - Made Diagnostics/Vehicle Info attempt to display VIN on EEC-V - Fixed some issues with Datalog and Tune files locked to serial# on Rev2 nGauges (SN 20000+) - Cool! Much faster flashing on 2015 5.0L/5.2L/3.7L (TC-1791 4M) when strategy/OS doesn't change. - Fixed some issues with gauge signal selection locking up on some EEC-V strategies - Patched BIOS to help reduce crashes on some units when left baking in the sun. FW 184 / BL 31 ========================= - Made "Update From SD" check the FIRMWARE-???.ng files for correct naming and checksum. - Fixed bug with Copperhead A (ESYS 2M) Read/Write not working - Renamed some PCMs in the Read Vehicle screen: - Copperhead A -> eSys 2M - Copperhead B -> Copperhead 2M - Added support for the Viper 3M PCM (MKZ 3.7L) - Fixed bugs with locking and reading Green Oak 1536K, 2368K, and 2432K. - Added a Lambda mode for DJ WBC analog input mapping - Added ZT2 ECA Percent Ethanol and Fuel Temp mappings


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