nGauge Firmware Version History

FW 252 / BL 40 ========================= - Support for RevB LCDs (SN 27000 and up) - Added touch screen calibration: * Once on first time initialization * Manually by touching Main Menu for at least 5 seconds * Under Settings Menu - Added warning and confirmation prior to Crank Relearn - Support for 2017 Ford 6.7L Diesel PCM & TCM. FW 248 / BL 40 ========================= - Added support for 2015-2017 Ranger PX, 3.2L Duratorq-TDCi (200PS)- Puma - Added support for TC-1767 MED17.0 (write-only) - Added support for '17 Raptor and F150 PCM and TCM (TC-277) Read + Write support - Added 2017 6.7L PCM (TC-1793S/OEM Only) + TCM (TC-277) Reflash - Added Crank Relearn for Ford ISO14229 vehicles - FORD PIDS (2008+): Added PIDs based on requests: LCP_DSD, EQ_RAT2, WG_A_DC_MES, WG_B_DC_MES, TCBP, TCBP_DSD. - GM PIDS: Added SAE and GM specific PIDs for O2 sensors. Both SAE 4-bank and SAE 2-bank are included, - Added PIN to test LCD - Improved EECV/Blank VIN support: Fix Current tune + VIN Info FW 234 / BL 39 ========================= - Added Ford 2017 6.7L OEM Tune Flashing support - Added Ford TC-1791 3M (2016-2017 Australian 1.5L Focus Ecoboost) Tune Flashing support. - Added "Read Vehicle" option for 11-16 6.7L PCM. - Added drill-down Ford/GM/Gas/Diesel to Read Vehicle PCM type selection screen - Fixed bugs with Read Codes and Reflashing on EEC-V vehicles - Allow adjustment of number of decimals on gauges. - Fixed GM PIDS, like fuel level and boost - Fixed Issue on some GM vehicles where nGauge conflicted with secondary modules. - Improved Ford Diesel PID, notably the EGR/EGT pids - Added GM E38, E67, E92 support. FW 215 / BL 37 ========================= - Fixed some PIDs that would read erroneous values FW 214 / BL 37 ========================= - Added 6.4L PIDs, EGRT_A (Pre-Turbo EGT), and EGRT_B (Post-Cooler EGR) FW 213 / BL 36 ========================= - Added Adjustable Minimum, Maximum, and Scaling parameters for Big and Small Round Gauges - Improved filtering on Analog Inputs - PID: Added IAT2 to Pre 2007 - PID: Added more VCT PIDS, made sure both banks have all fields. - PID: Added AIR_LOAD Signal and TQ_CNTL (Torque Reduction Source) - PID: Fixed APP PID on 7.3L EEC-V - Support for Black Oak 1472K SCP processor. - Support for Black Oak 448K processor (2003-2005.5 6.0L) - Support for Green Oak 1728K processor - Fixed Green Oak 1536K issue. - Allow PCM-only flash when married to an PCM+TCM combination FW 195 / BL 35 ========================= - On startup look for FIRMWARE*.ng to prevent improperly named files from causing an issue for users. - Made Clear DTCS and Read DTCS use Ford specific routines - Added the ability to load a custom splash screen - Made Diagnostics/Vehicle Info attempt to display VIN on EEC-V FW 192 / BL 35 ========================= - Fixed some issues with Datalog and Tune files locked to serial# on Rev2 nGauges (SN 20000+) - Much faster flashing on 2015 5.0L/5.2L/3.7L (TC-1791 4M) when strategy/OS doesn't change. - Fixed some issues with gauge signal selection locking up on some EEC-V strategies - Patched BIOS to help reduce crashes on some units when left baking in the sun. FW 184 / BL 31 ========================= - Made "Update From SD" check the FIRMWARE-???.ng files for correct naming and checksum. - Fixed bug with Copperhead A (ESYS 2M) Read/Write not working - Renamed some PCMs in the Read Vehicle screen: Copperhead A -> eSys 2M Copperhead B -> Copperhead 2M - Added support for the Viper 3M PCM (MKZ 3.7L) - Fixed bugs with locking and reading Green Oak 1536K, 2368K, and 2432K. - Added a Lambda mode for DJ WBC analog input mapping - Added ZT2 ECA Percent Ethanol and Fuel Temp mappings FW 180 / BL 31 ========================= - Fixed bug with DJWBC Analog User mapping. FW 179 / BL 31 ========================= - Tweaks to Lund Racing Boost+ Sensor. FW 178 / BL 31 ========================= - Removed the (s) in the TIME column header in the GAUGES datalog CSV files FW 177 / BL 31 - Jan 2016 ========================= - Added user mapping for Lund Racing Boost+ Sensor. - Added ALCH_LEARN (1=Fuel Alcohol Content Learned, 0=Not Learned Yet) PID for 2008+ Ford. FW 176 / BL 31 - Jan 2016 ========================= - Internal BETA testing of new "one file" updates. From now on, everything will be “one file” updates. - Use a small icon for gauges/datalogging indicator - Fixed bugs in "Read Vehicle" ECM selection buttons. Ordered list of ECMS by date. FW 175 / BL 31 - Jan 20, 2016 ===================== - Change some BSOD errors on Config File writes to be error dialogs. - Added "Favorite" icon to the skin files. - Added 24 "Favorites" signals that can provide extra channels in the logs from the Gauges (requires new skin). - Added "Clear Favorites" under Tap Gauge/Display menu. - Made the "Logging.." overlay on Gauges during logging more transparent and smaller font. FW 174 / BL 31 - Dec 23, 2015 ===================== - Added F4XX SAE J1979 PIDs to FORD_ALL, FORD_DIESEL_ALL, and FORD_GAS_2008_UP for ISO14229. - Improved the vehicle selection process for "Read Vehicle" - (173?) Added ALCH_PCT to Ford 2008+ FW 173 / BL 31 - Dec 21, 2015 ===================== - Fixed some issues with strategy tuning index files. FW 172 / BL 31 - Dec 11, 2015 ===================== - BL31 Fixes bug where vehicle wouldn't wake from voltage - Added support for vendor TBC - Show nGauge serial number and tuner name in the Tune/Status screen. FW 166 - Nov 16, 2015 ===================== - Finalized new FEPS board support based on Serial Number. - Made ADC Sample at 100Hz, with a 4X averaging filter. - Fixed J1850 PWM bug causing reflash on EEC-V PCMs to not work since FW 161. FW 165 - Nov 9, 2015 ===================== - Support for new FEPS board, in BIOS and FW. - Made reflash voltage check retry and then display measured volts if error found. - Fixed bug where if you change the units of an ANALOG or ZT2 signal, the gauge units didn't update until you did a rescan Vehicle. - Fixed bug displaying VIN on GM vehicles. FW 164 - Oct 30, 2015 ===================== - Made DEMO MODE show signals from DEMODATA.TXT in the root SD folder. FW 163 - Oct 29, 2015 ===================== - Fixed TRANS STRATEGY not showing up in Tuning/Vehicle info. - Removed the display of ECM Type in Tuning/Vehicle info. (This was usually wrong anyway). FW 162 - Oct 28, 2015 ===================== -Added the ability to RENAME all gauge signals (Tap Gauge, then select Display/Name). The new name applies to all gauges using that signal. The name resets when you "Rescan Vehicle". -Added the ability to specify UNITS for all user-mappable gauges, like Analog 1/Analog2/ZT2 USER1/ZT2 USER2/DPT AUX inputs. -Added SBL for the TC-1767 (MED17.0) PCM. FW 161 - Oct 27, 2015 ===================== -WARNING! This version forces a reset of all saved device settings, you may want to jot down anything you configured that you care about, like power up/down methods and screen brightness. Sorry. -Added reflash support for Green Oak 2432K processor. -Tune browser: Use two lines for filename if needed (for really long filenames) -Gauge labels: Tweak spacing, "ANALOG2 PSI/inHg" now fits (barely) -Added one more decimal to all the ZT2 PSI mappings, now 2 for 50/75, and 1 for 150. -New unified USER MAPPING system. You can now change the name of the signal. -Started the GUI for the DPT CEI HUB settings. -Use 16X supersampling on Analog In channels to reduce jitter. -Ford PIDs 2008+: Remove OCTANE and some other useless signals, fix AFR Bank 2 Sensor 1 label. FW 160 - Oct 20, 2015 ===================== -Vendor specifc splash screens FW 158 - Oct 7, 2015 ==================== -Fixed broken Zeitronix signals in datalogging. -Fixed improperly scaled Analog units in datalogging. -Fixed auto-sleep going to sleep during datalogging. FW 157 - Oct 7, 2015 ==================== -Fixed bug where LED signal didn't always work -Fixed bug where LED range changes didn't work until exiting gauges -Put latest SBL's (like for Copperhead A) into SD contents -When assigning a signal, set reasonable defaults for the LED range and min/max values FW 156 - Oct 6, 2015 ==================== -Analog inputs and voltage can be assigned to gauges and logged. -Analog inputs can be remapped (Diagnostics/Settings/Other Inputs) to preconfigured values or user-chosen SLOPE/OFFSET. -Application Settings EEPROM backing revamped, menus cleaned up and enhanced. -Gauges can now log their data to SD CSV file -Gauges display signal units. -Gauge display units can be chose per signal. -Gauges utilize "Model Specific" files for signals, can contain math (Boost, Fuel Economy) -Gauges store detected signals per vehicle, so updates won't change signals until you rescan signals. -New Signal list contains more-useful signals at begining of list, some less useful signals removed. Still in progress. -All logs show units in first row, and use time in seconds instead of milliseconds. -Added Model Specific signals for OBD, All Ford, All GM, Ford Diesel, Ford Gas before 2008, Ford Gas 2008+. -Added boost signals to most models (OBD, Ford Diesel, Ford Gas) -Added MAF in English lb/min signal. -After signal scan, gauges are auto-populated with first signals (the most useful ones, in theory). -All Zeitronix inputs and sensors supported and loggable in Gauges and Datalogging. -DEMO" mode setting allows gauges to operate without a vehicle connected. -Improved SLEEP and WAKE operation modes, better settings and control. -Round Gauge bitmaps cached, faster page switching after initial hit. -Forget Model functionality moved out of Diagnostics Menu and into "Connecting.." gauge menu screen.


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